Write a Book?

Write a book?

This question has been mulling around my head for a while now.

Some say your first thought or idea comes from Spirit and everything else is your own.

Well, when I pondered my book idea last year my very first thought was to write a book for Psychic teens. Why? Because it is hard enough being a teenager let alone a Clairvoyant, Psychic, Intuitive one too. I have had a brief wander around the book publishers and Amazon, but I have not found anything specifically for Psychic teenagers.

Or may be a Psychic Survival Guide? Oooo! I like that! A Bear Grylls style “How to Survive Your Intuitive Side”?

But as my writing has progressed, evolved if you like, I find myself leaning towards a philosophical edge – please stop me here if you think my perception is wrong. And I do tend to flit between the paranormal, angelic, psychic, holistic health, historical, spiritual – be it somewhat erratically! So there is not one specific topic I can say I would like to solely concentrate on, which leaves me a little fuzzy and confused.

I need a direction people; a plan of attack, a tunnel that I can sit in so I do not veer off the path in some sporadic tangent.

So, dear readers, I need you. What do you think I should write about? What do you like or dislike about my posts? What would you like to see on the shelves in your local bookstore? Do you think the teens need help or would you like a more generic guide? And – depending on your spiritual views – should it be a work of fiction or non-fiction?

Cheeky of me I know, passing the buck, but any help, ideas, moments of inspiration would be gratefully received.

You can post a reply below or email me at holisticwords@gmail.com

Thank you kindly

Andrea x

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  1. Hi Andrea, I think you should stick with your first inclination/intuition to write a book to help teen Psychics.

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