Is Our Reality Really Real?

Multi Dimensional UniverseToday’s topic of conversation, between my husband (Jeff) and I, was a rather mind-boggling one. We were discussing whether we are actually real.

It went downhill and totally screwy from there I’m afraid……………………….

Jeff had just finished listening to Deepak Chopra, on YouTube, who offers a theory that when we look at a human being we are not actually seeing a human being, as we are not real. Now, I have not viewed the podcast, and given my state of mental musing overload, from our odd theoretical debate, I may leave that one for another day.

So, given my husbands synopsis of Deepak’s talk, I interjected a few “out there” spanners in to the tool box.

Lets say he is right and we are not “real”, then what on earth are we?

Could one singular Source/Higher Being/The Divine/God etc. be every single one of us, using us to experience every known experience? Could the reality we perceive - every tree, every animal, every human, every atom, every microscopic proton particle - be a complete fabrication and the world, we have been “told” to see, is just some kind of dimensional matrix created by this one source? If it where fact would it make you feel empowered, free, cheated or pointless?

OK then, how about this one:

We are, at this specific moment in time, living our lives in several parallel universe’s. We could be running alongside our “other lives”, experiencing different things, all at the same time. If we do have multiple, simultaneous lives could the multi-parallel universe be our back-up plan, and therefore if we go off course we could, in theory, quantum leap from one moment to another.

Quantum mechanics, I am led to believe, is the science that explains why things are the way they are, how they work and how they react (OK, that was ubber clumsily basic!). The scientist have proven – which I use in the lightest term possible - that a change to one atom, which has become “related” or “entangled” with another atom, directly affects the behaviour of said atom – regardless of the distance between the two. With that in mind, and the fact that quantum scientists believe that everything in the universe is all made up of the same stuff, AND if every affected atom across the universe directly affects another atom, then are we not all connected to everything within the universe?

So, if we are all connected to everything in the universe, and throwing probability into the mix, and the knowledge that quantum leap actually happens, can we not connect on a more telepathic level, and thus could our brain waves actually connect to other brain waves? My husband said that he has had increasing occurrences where he has thought about someone and, for a very split nano second, he has felt that he is that person. Mmmmm………interesting.

Are you still there?

Anyhow………I am toying with a few other possibilities at the mo, but for now I think my cerebral cortex needs a time out.

I must add these snippets are more “what if’s….” and are not my actual beliefs. But I do hope it has given you a bit of food for thought, and I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. I have been watching Quantum healing & meditation videos on you tube tonight then saw your article ! There is a bril ‘guided Quantum healing’ meditation you may be interested in. Here is the link: (hope it works, pretty rubbish at doing links!)
    I followed the meditation with headphones on, into the deepest core of my mind/body system, I travelled through the bloodstream, cells, nucleus of the cell, through DNA and so on until I arrived at the quantum core between mind and matter … Where healing begins. I will certainly be using this meditation again. Try it and let me know how you get on!

    I have also just started to read Deepak Chopra’s book ‘Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine. Struggling to put it down!

    How about that for synchronicity !

  2. Hi Andrea, I had a very interesting weekend, how are you with the nature spirits do you communicate with them?
    Neale xx

  3. Funny, but the subject of my first short film was on the subject or “are we real” whilst using it to explain the meaning of life.

    You can view it, with explanation on my blog page here:


  4. You experienced the veil thinning between the two worlds, you are lucky. I have experienced divine bliss a few times but so far have not ‘seen’ into the other side. I feel that you have set me a challenge, I’m off on an advanced psychic development weekend this Friday, perhaps things may change?
    I can’t wait now.

    I will let you know how I get on.

    • Trying to find the words.
      It’s profound, awe-inspiring, world shattering – but all equally uplifting and heart-warming.
      A kind of wow moment! I have a vague recollection of being guided through a veil-lifting meditation before. I am sure it is simply going through different coloured veils until you get to the Spirit world but I am unsure if I could do it out of the “meditative state” – or rather my perception is unsure!
      Hope you have fun on your course, sounds great!
      A x

  5. Ah, now that makes far more sense! I will make a concerted effort to listen to Deepak tomorrow.
    So if we expand our perception, we could (in theory) become more open to the world of Spirit and ultra sensory experiences. Celestine Prophecy suddenly springs to mind.
    Also another example, or rather proof for me, that it makes sense. I had a session with a quantum/angelic guidance therapist some six months ago. Something very surreal happened – the room we were in disappeared! I could just about see the couch he was sitting on but there was no floor beneath him, the walls vanished and the man in front of me had changed + there was “someone” else in the non-room with us.
    Sounds really odd/wacky when you relay it back but I know it happened.
    Love it! :)
    Andrea x

  6. Its very amusing that we are both blogging about exactly the same topic at exactly the same time. Is this Synchronicity? if so what does it mean dear friend?

    When Deepak talks about the lack of reality, he does not mean that we are non-existent, simply that the world we consider to be ‘real’ is not as solid as it may ‘appear’. Its a construction of our mind from 5 very limited senses (and a little bit of the 6th if you pay attention to it). We are washing about in a sea of energy and vibration with no real substance.

    When you take Deepak’s viewpoint, the etheric other world of our ancestors, angels and spirit all becomes all very real. On a par with our world. Is there any real difference?

    Spirit world and the physical world are simply different views on the same thing.

    Isn’t this fun :-)

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